Anyone is playing SA:MP?

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Anyone is playing SA:MP? Empty Anyone is playing SA:MP?

Post  iBooze on Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:49 am

Anyone play SA:MP? It's GTA San Andreas online. I know Haavard and November does, and ofc myself as well. But anyone else? Smile

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Anyone is playing SA:MP? Empty I do :)

Post  Joachim2k on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:27 pm

I play Crazybob's Cops and robbers (Been playing it for around 2-3 years)
I only play it when it is the Las Venturas map, Its a very good gamemode.
You can be a kidnapper,Arms dealer(illegal), Cop, Arms dealer(cop), Rapist xD, Con artist, Taxi driver, Truck driver, Maid, Medic, Cook, Robber(robbing others and casino's and bank. Hitman and much more!
Good money making method there is fishing
You can play the lotto and win million's of monies. You can own a Home(with a garage storing your car and you can log out at and spawn back in) (you can also clean others houses for monies)
You can own a pet(text based) can kill people! Very Happy
Put some time in this server and you'll have much fun.

(Server 1: (Server 2:


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