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Post  josiah11 on Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:50 pm

josiah's application 29bov2q

Name: josiah
Gamertag: styx11
Do you have a mic?: yes turtle beach earforce z6a
Do you have Teamspeak?: yes
Can you speak fluently english?: yes, born and raised in th e US Razz
Are you above the age 14?: yes 18
Have you ever been kicked from a clan?: no
If so, what for?: N/A
What can you bring to the clan? i play on a navy seals-based tactical airsoft team so i know how to assess situations and make/help make decisions based on the situation. i've only been playing for a few weeks, but i have a pretty good grasp of the game, and once i get a character geared, i usually spend all of my time helping friends/other players gear, as its what i enjoy. i believe in a team based strategy to accomplish objectives, and have a strong belief that a good sniper is a x10 force multiplier.


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josiah's application Empty Re: josiah's application

Post  iBooze on Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:53 pm

josiah's application 29bov2q

You've been accepted as a trial member. We're going to keep a slight eye on you, and we will see how it goes Very Happy.
You have exactly three days to pass by the teamspeak and say hello!
Good luck.

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