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Post  R3ep3r on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:31 pm

R3ep3r [TRB Application] 29bov2q

Name: R3ep3r
Gamertag: R3ep3r
Do you have a mic?: Yes, I have.
Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes, I have.
Can you speak fluently english?: Yes, I can.
Are you above the age 14?: Actually I am 15 but I turn 16 in February.
Have you ever been kicked from a clan?: No I wasn't kicked from a clan. Actually I am playing on this server for three days.
If so, what for?: N/a
What can you bring to the clan? Well, First of all I love all those shooters, I finished a lot of shooter with/without zombie mod such as Battlefield3, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Call of duty MW3, Left 4 Dead2.. And Now when I found this game mode I can't stop from playing on it. It's a kind of Battlefield 3/Warfighter combined with Left 4 Dead2/Resident Evil.
I am able to work under pressure, I can handle/fire a gun very well, And I am not afraid to die, or to kill some zombies.


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Post  iBooze on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:19 pm


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