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Important News for Steam Users Empty Important News for Steam Users

Post  rykiana on Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:55 am

Greeting's All

Today steam released a new update which has been causing havoc across the player base. one thing i can not stress enough is for the next few days DO NOT UN INSTALL STEAM, even if your having a few minor problems. The reason is at this moment in time anyone reinstalling steam is having major issues with an error message that states " There was a problem with your Steam installation. Please reinstall ".

There have been many many many attempts to fix this issue over the last few hours with very little success, however there is a light on the horizon, a Steam user by the name of Urban_225 figured out the problem.

The root couse is in Steam registry files, its two core reg files "SteamClientDll" & "SteamClientDll64" either point to a non existent folder or if using a 64bit OS it points to c:\Program Files\Steam which again ... doesnt exist because as we all know on a 64 bit system the file path is C:\Pragram Files (x86)\Steam

So to fix this issue simply follow these steps

Click Start or Windows Icon
Type regedit
hit enter
then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\ActiveProcess
Right click on "SteamClientDll" and click Modify.. then make sure the file path to your steam folder is correct
Then do the same for "SteamClientDll64"

then simply Start up Steam and all should be well.

If the message still appears some other tricks are to

Delete Microsfot silverlight then restart your computer (A few people have had success with this method)
Delete or move tier0_s.dll and tier0_s64.dll then restart computer, then run steam (A few people have had success with this method)

or alternatively wait for steam to release un updated client, as of one hour before the time of this post a member from the steam dev team posted that they were aware of what was causing the root issue and will have an update out ASAP.


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