Do we support hacking?

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Do we support hacking? Empty Do we support hacking?

Post  Omen on Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:58 am

Hey there. I'm new to TRB, so I probably don't have any room to say it, but I feel it needs saying. Does TRB support hacking? By that, I mean do we accept hackers within our ranks and not kick them from the clan? Twice within my first day in TRB, I have ran into 2 hackers. One who is apparently named "Jason" and was spawning vehicles for players of TRB and another hacker last night, Killjoy, who was obviously spawning Helis, teleporting people, killed us, spawned parachuting cows, was using an invincibility hack and so and so forth. Beyond that, he also started promoting people in Teamspeak to private (myself included). I've enjoyed meeting a lot of the people in this clan, but I'm not about to join a clan who allow hackers in DayZ.

If the answer is no, which I hope it is, then these people need to be kicked out of the clan. No admins/moderators can spawn items. It's just script kiddies making the game worse for everyone who plays it.

Here's a quote by Griff - lead admin for the site
Attention everyone:

I want to share something with you before you see an admin/dev/me in a server with good equipment:

We don't have the ability to spawn in items/teleport

Saying that, I think about 3 people in the whole world has the ability to alter the contents of a person's inventory at the database level, and those people probably have no time to actually play this game for any amount of time.

Most of us know where the good loot is by exploring. Most of us have been playing for a long time, so it comes with experience.

You can read the original quote here:


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Do we support hacking? Empty Re: Do we support hacking?

Post  ValoR on Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:04 am

Killjoy has been perm banned from TRB.


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