Donations [5 EUROS, A MUST!<3]

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Donations [5 EUROS, A MUST!<3] Empty Donations [5 EUROS, A MUST!<3]

Post  Teq on Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:35 am

Yo what's up peeps. I don't really like doing this, but PayPal fucked me over with a few payments.... nevertheless, I am in desperate need of 5 euros, or our TeamSpeak will expire. This'll be a catastrophe!

Also, bare in mind; that It's only me, that is currently paying for the whole clan, I mean; I have ordered two DayZ servers that'll be up shortly, so I am in immediate need.

If you'd like to give just a few cents, it'd be appreciated.

You'll be rewarded if you help me out, thanks.<3


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