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Fireteam + Command Chain  Empty Fireteam + Command Chain

Post  rykiana on Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:05 am

Greeting's all What a Face ,

Im new to TRB but quickly noticed that TRB can organise quickly and be effective, but the overall tactic's and rough edges could do with a little ironing to get those wrinkles out.

Yesterday was a fantastic day a group of 8 of us had a great time going around the map gearing and getting to know each other, and some core tactics were starting to form, but it was also fraught with issues, so it's with the hopes that this post could help turn those issues into advantages.

So here are some simple rules while in a fire team

So First up

Combat Pertinence Fire Team rule 1

Combat Pertinence is a term used to basically say to every one "Shut the hell up and keep it on topic", one of the biggest issues we faced was people talking over one another about completely irrelevant things during a time where clear concise commands need to be heard and understood. After all it's hard to hear the group leader saying "Contact North, At Tree Line" when you hear Person 1: "I need an " Group lead: "Contact" Person 1: "AS50" Person 2: "Stop asking for that" Person 1: "I need a gun" Group Lead "North, At" "Person 3: "Were is everyone" Person 4 " Omg I just died to a zombie" Person 5: "where ?" Person 4: "Oh not on your server" Group Lead "Tree Line"

Now take all that and condense it into 3 seconds with everyone talking over one another..... It makes it impossible to hear the order's given.

Another part of Combat Pertinence is knowing exactly what to say... see below

Somewhere in Cherno:

Example (I will put myself in the firing line for this one) : "Omg Omg Omg I just got shot at and now im bleeding and i dont have anything to stop it and im going to die OMG OMG OMG HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME I'm Over Here!"

That doesn't Help anyone and it ties up communication, all it tells the rest of the group is that you got shot and are now freaking out. This will probably just get you ignored and left to die because there is no information there to help the rest of the team locate and help you, which puts stress on them and exposes them to the threat you just got murdered by.

Here is an example of how it should of gone down: "Rykiana Down, Shot from NE direction, Location behind church, three houses down, need medic"

This let's everyone know 1st: Who is down 2: General threat situation, 3: My location & 4: exactly what I need.

This means that the entire group doesn't have to hunt for me and get themselves killed, Only someone with medical supplies need's to come and get me while the rest of the team scan the NE direction for the threat and cover myself and the medic while I am being healed. Once healed I am back up and part of the unit again and we can carry on.


Fire Team rule 1 When someone says "Combat Pertinence" drop all chatter if it does not directly effect the current situation, and when you do speak keep it short at to the point.

Situational Awareness Fireteam Rule 2

This is a simple one, Situational Awareness is basically 2 things Listen to Order's and keep your eye's open. If a group lead say's "Follow Me" you locate the lead and stick to his or her ass like glue, and when you move you keep looking around you. This is for two reasons 1: Zombies can spawn any where and 2: another player not on your team could be waiting to just pick you off from a tree line.

So remember Fireteam Rule 1 and Stick to your group lead if ordered to do so and keep your eye's open, scan tree lines look into the distance if you have ranged weapons and binoculars.

So thats Fireteam rule 2

Set Up Fireteam Rule 3

This is probably one of the top two rules, Fireteam set up. If your team isnt properly set up you can die in seconds or last hours in a fire fight. So what is a Correct Set up ?

Well here are two possibilities that work extremely well in DayZ

4 Man Fire Team

1 sniper
2 Assault (One assault member will aslo double duty as a range finder and spotter for the sniper)
1 Medic

8 Man Fire Team

2 Snipers
2 Medics
3 Assault
1 Spoter / Range finder)

It is that Simple boy's and girls. To have a team comprised completely of any one thing is a death sentence. So oraganise quickly who will do what role depending on the size of your team and make sure you have the proper equipment, after all you wont have a medic who has to carry a primary and secondary weapon ammo and a standard backpack with medical gear. Instead have a medic with the largest pack in the game filled with medical gear after all you dont want to be caught short and this is true of each role make sure you have the correct weapons and supplies for that role, but to touch on this further lets break it down just a bit more:

Sniper : Sniper's should be equipped with at least a scoped ranged weapon that can hit accurately at a distance of at least 250m and a Silenced Pistol incase thing's get Hairy. They should carry Ammo for both weapons, a Map, A compass, Water and Food.

Assault : Assault members should be equipped with some sort of Silenced Automatic weapon such as a M104 and a Silenced Pistol, they should also be equipped with Ammo for both weapons, Range Finder, Binoculars (If in a 4 man fireteam select one person to take the spotter role) Food, Water, Bandage, Pain Killers for quick patch up's and at least 1 Camp kit

Medic's : Medic's should be equiped with at least a Silenced Automatic Weapon such as a M104 and a Silenced Pistol, they should also be equiped with some ammo, Medic's should also have a Cayote (might have got that wrong) which is the largest pack and they should have:

Pain Killers

If you dont understand why I suggest SILENCED weapons in a game where both Zombies and Players can hear shot's then please uninstall DayZ and Arma II and never play again right now. Last thing you want is a swarm of zombies around you because you fired a highly audible weapon, Quiet kills attract less attention.

So that is the Bare basic's of Set Up, I may write an advanced guide on this later but im sure you all get the idea

So that is Fireteam rule 3

Extended Ops Fireteam rule 4 and the last rule

The extended op's takes us into larger territory here and requires a little bit of set up especially with Teamspeak 3 and it's whisper system. Extended ops breaks down like this ( In Order)


Fire team 1 & Fire team 2



Now the Commander is obviously the person at the top giving all the Orders, his role is to tell the other's where to go what to do and how to get it done. The commander will comunicate with the leaders of each fire team, the leader of support and of logistic's only ... to comply with rule 1.

The fire teams are the first on the scene each with 4 members geared for assault ... see rule 3 on set up for gear idea's. Next is the Support team which will comprise usually of 4 snipers (2 to cover FT1 and 2 to cover FT2) and 4 Medic's (2 to cover FT1 and 2 to cover FT2) and 1 Pilot / Driver to give air or ground support.

Finally Logistic's 2 or 3 people working alongside the Pilot / Driver to find camps and bring back needed supplies such as ammo, medical supplies etc

That is the basic Breakdown of extended ops 4 teams working together under one commander to acheive one Goal, and as long as everyone remembers Rules 1,2 & 3 thing's fall into place perfectly for Rule 4

It's going to be rare that there are Extended Op's so learn rule 1, 2 & 3 like you know your own name and date of birth cause they will not only save your life in DayZ but your teams' as well.

For information on how to set up Teamspeak Properly please continue reading, for those of you that have TS3 set up properly you can click here --->>>>> Click Me <<<<------ to go back to the main page

-------------------------------Teamspeak 3 Setup - "How not to annoy your friends"-------------------------------------------------

Before we begin, these are an absolute MUST!!!

USE Push-To-Talk
USE a Headset - No one wants to hear echoes or the game in the background
DO NOT!!! Split the Audio so you have voices in your headset but game sounds coming from speaker's
DO NOT!!! Use Continuous Transmission, this ties up TS3 for everyone else
DO NOT!!! Use Voice activation detection, we dont need to hear your mom using a hoover or washing the dishes

Now Moving on

Now PTT or Push-To-Talk should by the main way you communicate through TS3 this means we only hear you when you push that button and we arnt all being drowned out by background noise all of the time. So to Set up PTT follow below:

1: Go to Settings > Options

2: In the menu to the left of the screen select capture.

3: Select Automatically use best mode under Capture Mode & Select your microphone under Capture Device (in my case it is my GeoTek G15 Headset).
4: Select the Push-To-Talk check box

5: To select your hotkey for push to talk, click the box next to the push to talk bubble and then press the hotkey you wish to use. (I use Mouse button 4, but feel free to use your own)

6: IMPORTANT ONE HERE!!! Click The begin test button, and press your hot key and try talking. If it echoes back, your microphone is working, if not, try selecting a different microphone under capture device and test again.

7: If all is working it's done Properly. For instruction on how to set up Microphone volume levels in windows please use Google its documented heavily.

8: THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! USE A HEADSET, the last thing we need is people talking over each other and then hearing the echo of it because someone isnt using a headset. Now I know not everyone has a headset and most use a stand alone mic with computer speakers, but there is a very cheap solution to this.

Buy a pair of headphones / earphones that you can connect straight into the audio jack either on your computer or into your speakers and you can get them dirt cheap like from a 99cent store, this does the job just as well and it saves us all a headache.... and it cut's echo problems down to nearly 0 also.... so please use a headset or get a set of headphone or earphones.

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Fireteam + Command Chain  Empty Glad we have something in common, I would be glad to put this to work.

Post  Zalkota on Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:40 pm


Let me first say I read everything, and i am glad to see the realism that you are looking and i would love to make this happen.
A week ago I posted on this forum about the immaturity, and the useless talking and complaining about not having a weapon or getting killed and it needs to stop.
We have already started to talk about setting up multiple groups and having the squad leaders communicate threw Teamspeak to different squads and the commander, just like in Arma or project reality.
I will talk to the higher change of command and we can hopefully start putting some organization to this clan, maybe add ranks threw Teamspeak and add caps to the amount of people aloud in a squad to keep the level of speaking in a channel low and confusion low. ( )

Now the only problem i see with this, is of course getting geared and holding on to our camp, vehicles, etc. This type of set up is easy in a realistic battlefield game with the spotters, assault, and such because you spawn with your weapons and spawn next to each other, but hopefully we can get this to work.

I will also being looking to move people out of channels if they refuse to stop tieing up communication with non-sense talk about their gun or there being a guy shooting at them when there alone. also there is a lot of things that can be resolved threw CHAT in Teamspeak, I frequently use it to talk to people without interrupting the entire channel. For example: if the channel has a lot of people in it, please do not interrupt someone because you want a ride across the map or you found an enfield.




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Fireteam + Command Chain  Empty Re: Fireteam + Command Chain

Post  Teq on Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:21 am

Now this is intresting....


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Fireteam + Command Chain  Empty Re: Fireteam + Command Chain

Post  rykiana on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:15 am

Glad you guy's are liking the ideas. Obviously this is just the bare basic stuff as it can go allot more in depth but for now I think that is more than enough to be getting on with lol!


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Fireteam + Command Chain  Empty REPORTING FOR DUTY

Post  uldamen on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:38 pm

Pvt. Uldamen reporting in for Fire Squad Razz


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Fireteam + Command Chain  Empty Re: Fireteam + Command Chain

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